Thursday, December 31, 2009

Item: BP042

BP042: Baby Phat Studs & Stuff Large Satchel

Dimension: 13" W x 12" H

Retail: RM439

My Price:RM350 ONLY!!!

Bring out the rocker chick in you!! This darling is carefully detailed by studs and gathered detail at front; making you look girly and rock chick at the same time! My personal fav? The tan of course; sexy colour, studs clearly standing out, totally FABULOUS!

Item: BP041

BP041: Baby Phat Studs & Stuff Club Bag

Dimension: 7 1/2" W x 6" H

Retail: RM354

My Price:RM280 ONLY!!!

OMG, how cute is this!! It's the perfect size for a night out! This darling features stud detailing at the sides, removable straps and tres adorable rouched detailing at front. Beautiful classic black & fiery red colours, I'm spoiled for choice!!!

* Available in Black & Red.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Item: BP040

BP040: Baby Phat Talitha Satchel

Dimension: 14" W x 12" H

Retail: RM479

My Price:RM390 ONLY!!!

This gorgeous textured patent large satchel is the way to go! See the neat details on each side of the handles? Where else can you get a gorgeous, multi-functional handbag? :)

Item: BP039

BP039: Baby Phat Talitha Clutch

Dimension: 8" W x 4" H

Retail: RM344

My Price:RM250 ONLY!!!

Yes yes the line also comes with an adorable clutch to match! Accented by double kiss lock closure, pick this up before you leave the house for the night out; you're off to a fab night!

Item: BP038

BP038: Baby Phat Talitha Large Hobo

Dimension: 11" W x 10" H

Retail: RM439

My Price:RM350 ONLY!!!

A beauty, isn't she? I so so love how patent apparels look so shiny and pretty!! With the push lock closure adding a classic touch to the bag, this is 1 VERY necessary accessory in your wardrobe!

* Available in Black & Brown.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Item: BP037

BP037: Baby Phat Sequin Tote in Silver

Dimension: 14" W x 14" H

Retail: RM370

My Price:RM250 ONLY!!!

If you're not into sequins in your outfits, hey hey now you can still shine & look oh-so-effortlessly glamorous by carrying one of these!! Tasteful without being tacky, this unique design also has the cursive logo written in front of the bag. You know you can't go wrong with a lil bit of KLS in you!

Item: BP036

BP036: Baby Phat Glitz & Glam Tote

Dimension: 19" W x 12.5" H

Retail: RM370

My Price:RM240 ONLY!!!

My oh my, this one has FABULOSITY all over it! Go glitz & glam with the allover signature printed pattern; and the playful tassel detail definitely adds a plus point! Tres chic!

* Available in Black, Purple and Red.

Item: BP035

BP035: Baby Phat Aphrodite

Dimension: 14" W x 13" H

Retail: RM370

My Price:RM275 ONLY!!!

Credits to a customer's special request; how can I miss this darling out??! This large satchel simply POPS with textured trim at corners, uber trendy braided detail on sides and yes, it's SUPER roomy! Staying true to its name, Goddess of LOVE; this surely will make you look like one:)

* Available in Off-White & Black.